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Who we are and what we do

“Fostering an appreciation for cultures, design & the maker”

South African born Barri and Nikki Stear, are the husband and wife team behind Native Interiors. On moving to Australia they wanted to start a business that allowed them to showcase African and artisanal design to the world, whilst uplifting and empowering these talented crafters and their communities by ensuring they receive a fair price for their products as well as ethical working conditions.

All Native Interior’s Collections are carefully curated by Nikki’s discerning eye. Nikki has a background in ethical and sustainable fashion and design. Whilst living in South Africa Nikki founded and continues to be the editor of Live Eco, an online publication dedicated to eco fashion, beauty and lifestyle as well as founding The Live Eco Remake Design Challenge, a sustainable design competition that challenges students and emerging designers to create mainstream clothing and objects whilst adhering to sustainable design principles and eliminating waste in their production methods.

Barri and Nikki live with their daughter and two dogs in Brisbane, Queensland.

We support the notion of trade not aid.

Our Mission

We bring sustainably and ethically produced artisanal homeware, décor and accessories to the global market.

We aim to uplift and acknowledge the artisanal communities we work with.

We promote the movement from mass production to hand crafted décor and accessories, weaving together contemporary design with traditional methods.

Our products encapsulate the spirit of their makers.

“Extraordinary handcrafted design from around the world”

Our Ethos




Our mission is to source extraordinary handcrafted design from around the world; weaving together contemporary design and traditional methods.

We support the notion of trade not aid and ensure that the artisans from whom we source are paid a fair wage for their workmanship, are treated with respect and have a safe environment in which to work.

All products are handcrafted and thoughtfully designed, ensuring minimal impact on the earth and the communities that make them; while preserving craftsmanship and celebrating heritage. We aim to uplift and acknowledge the artisanal communities we work with, ensuring their ongoing sustainability.

Our Founders

Our Team

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