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  • Sep182017

    Five Top Lighting Trends You Should Try In Spring 

    Spring is the season that makes you think of light, bright and fun interiors. Your lighting choices play a big role in achieving these things. Here are the lighting trends you should know about and use in your space.

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    Native Interiors
  • Sep122017

    Hot Décor Trend: Jungalow

    A combination of jungle and bungalow, jungalow is about incorporating an exotic, island design into your home, and it’s just perfect for spring. Here are tips on how to achieve it.

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    Native Interiors
  • Sep062017

    Why Navy Blue Is The New Black

    Navy blue might be a dark, mysterious colour, but don’t underestimate its ability to freshen up your space. Unlike black, navy can highlight lots of different styles and put interesting spins on your interior design. It could even make your home lighter and more fun. Yes, really! Here’s why it’s perfect for spring.

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    Native Interiors
  • Aug282017

    Surprising Items Every Bedroom Really Needs

    You might think a bed and good storage space makes for a great bedroom, but think out of the box! There are some other bedroom essentials you might not even have thought about. Here are five that you need.

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    Native Interiors
  • Aug282017\

    Things To Consider Before You Get A Granite Kitchen Countertop 

    Granite is one of the most popular materials for kitchen countertops, but there are drawbacks to having it in your home. Here are tips, pros and cons you should know about before bringing granite into your kitchen.

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    Native Interiors
  • Aug212017

    Is Wallpaper Out Or Can It Still Be Trendy? 

    You might think of wallpaper as old-fashioned, but it still appears in decor and interior design magazines, and there are good reasons why. Wallpaper can do wonders for your space. Here’s a list of some of its benefits and creative ways to use wallpaper in your home.

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    Native Interiors
  • Aug142017

    Five Minimalist Design Trends That Will Never Go Out Of Style

    Choosing a minimalist design is a great way to keep your home classic without fear that it’ll become tacky in the long run. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Here’s a rundown of some of the most chic yet classic decor tips that’ll serve you well in future.

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    Native Interiors
  • Aug072017

    Brisbane News:: 2-8 August 2017

    Native Interiors founder, Nikki Stear, the current Trailblazer in the latest issue of Brisbane News.

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    Native Interiors
  • Jul312017

    The Right Way To Hang Your Drapes

    You might think hanging drapes is an easy job you can do quickly, but make sure you’re not making these decor mistakes.

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    Native Interiors
  • Jul242017

    Six Decor Rules To Ditch This Year

    There are always new decor and design rules hitting the scene, but some of them could be holding you back from having a gorgeous home that reflects your personality. Instead of blindly following the following six “rules”, bin them and embrace a more stylish home that’s uniquely you.

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    Native Interiors