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  • Jul172017

    Do you have to get rid of white furniture when you have kids?

    The short answer: no! White furniture can be a lively addition to your home. It also fits in with a variety of styles while making spaces seem larger. You just have to make sure you protect it from damage and dirt when you have kids running around the house. Here’s how.

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    Native Interiors
  • Jul102017

    Creative Ways To Use Plants As Decor

    House plants are not only a great way to bring a slice of nature into your home, but they can also add a dash of style to your decor. Here’s how to place and pot them for the best effect.

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    Native Interiors
  • Jul032017

    How To Hang Mirrors In Different Rooms

    A mirror might seem like a decor accessory that can go pretty much anywhere, but the room in which you want to hang a mirror affects how it should be placed. Here are some tips so that your mirror reflects your stylish interiors in every room of your house.

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    Native Interiors
  • Jun262017

    How To Design Your Sofa And Chairs Correctly

    Your room’s seating plan is such an important part of interior design. Your idea might be to place sofas and chairs against the wall, but there are so many other ways in which to make them work. Bring them to the fore and use them to accentuate your room’s best features. Here are some tips.

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    Native Interiors
  • Jun192017
    coffee table

    Easy Ways To Find The Right Coffee Table

    Coffee tables are practical with a lot of style potential, so don’t think any old one will do! Here are some smart tricks for locating the perfect coffee table for your needs and home design.

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    Native Interiors
  • Jun122017

    Why Decorating In Black And White Is A Timeless Treasure

    Black and white decor might seem intimidating, but it’s really a great way to achieve classy, clean interiors. Here’s why this colour duo has so much potential.

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    Native Interiors
  • Jun052017

    Artisan Spotlight // Baobab Batik

    Baobab Batik is social enterprise based in Swaziland, founded by Els Hooft in 1991.

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    Native Interiors
  • May292017

    Five Tips To Make Your Rustic Decor Beautiful This Winter

    With the rustic flavour in your home, you probably already have a down-to-earth and cosy design. But bring that to the fore this winter with these tips to update your decor.

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    Native Interiors
  • May222017

    Why Gold Is Your Must-Have Winter Metal

    Warming things up this winter introduces hot metals to the scene. Gold is a gorgeous addition to your home decor. If you’re worried that it’s flashy or OTT, read this.

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    Native Interiors
  • May152017

    How To Layer Your Rugs Easily And Effectively

    Adding rugs to cold tiles in the home is a must during winter, but it’s also an opportunity to make your interior design more stylish. Here are some easy ways to get layering your rugs right.

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    Native Interiors